• 1. How much does it cost to have ZooToU come to our home?
    The cost varies mainly depending on how many guests you have and which exotic animals you would like us to bring? Here is a link to the pricing page. Event Estimator
  • 2. May our dog and cat be present during your presentation?

    Great Question! Your pets will need to be secured in a separate room as this may cause the exotic animals stress which will negatively affect the quality of interaction.

  • 3. Can you come to Miami to do an event?

    Yes but there will be an additional charge of $50 for transportation expenses

  • 4. Do any of the animals bite?

    It is very rare for our exotic animals to bite as they are handled daily. Some animals are inherintly more nervous than others so these will be presented with less interaction from a distance.

  • 5. Does the Marmoset Monkey Bite?

    No, Mojito out Marmoset Monkey is very friendly and has been socialized since young. He has never shown aggression toward anyone and loves to peacefully jump from shoulder to shoulder. He has been checked by a Vet and tested Negative for disease.

  • 1. Why is your services so expensive?

    We understand that there are some people that feel our services are expensive. Please be aware the prep time before and after take about three hours as all animals need to be cleaned and packaged for transport. In addition there is usually an hour of travel time as well as all the costs involved in keeping rare exotic animals.

  • 2. I hate snakes!

    LOL…. No Problem, we do not have to bring the snakes, you may choose specifically any animals you want us to bring to your event.

  • 3. Can you come to our car dealership for an Anniversary Event?

    Yes, of course. We will just need a quiet space preferably with a back wall so that people approach only from the front. Feel free to call us for more details. PH: 561-444-7032

  • 4. Where did you get all these exotic animals from?

    We have been keeping exotic animals for over 30 years and are networked with a reputable community of breeders and suppliers. Luckily most reptiles from other countries as far as Africa are now breaded in the US and have therefore been removed from the endangered species list.

  • 5. Are your exotic animals dirty or smelly?

    NO. Each exotic animal that goes to an event is bathed. It is possible that a reptile poops on our handler if they get scared but we will be prepared to clean it quickly. Most of our young audience find this to be very funny 🙂