Zoo To You provides a unique exotic animal experience where customers can interact and be introduced and educated about some of the rarest and most interesting exotic animals on the planet which make up the Zoo To U family. Best of all we bring this experience to you!

Up close and personal you will see the many different and amazing colors , feel the differences in skin textures and personalities of our collection! Learn about each animals habitats, diet, and overall needs. This experience will open eyes, minds and imaginations regarding natures creations, wildlife and exotic animals. This is our mission, a unique customer experience.

Our main handler and presenter is “GILDY” who has kept exotic pets for more than forty years.  He and our mascot “MOJITO” (a marmoset monkey native to South America”) will be performing the show and will ensure a one of a kind experience that will enlighten you, the person of celebration and all your guests!

We have a Class III License To Own, Display & Sell reptiles and other Class III animals and we offer services to supply interested clients obtain their own exotic animals and the information to keep them successfully.

West Palm Beach County, Florida

Please note our main area of service includes:

Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Coral Springs and Parkland.