"Rex"Roughneck Monitor

“Rex” Black Roughneck Monitor (Varanus Rudicollis)

Black Roughneck Monitors like Rex are a very interesting species of monitor lizard that can be found in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia. The natural habitat of the black roughneck monitor is rainforest near permanent bodies of water and mangrove swamps. They are arboreal, spending much time dwelling up in the trees to avoid predators which is a safer place for them. However, they do also forage on the ground and in shallow waters exploring and on the lookout for their next meal.

This inquisitive species is primarily insectivore but will also eat small birds, rodents and eggs.
Monitors are cold blooded animals and they require a wide range of temperatures to thermoregulate their bodies. A hot basking spot of over 100 degrees is needed for them to digest their food. Black roughnecks also require a high level of humidity above 70 percent.

Young black roughneck monitors have colorful markings but as they grow to adult size (about four feet long) they lose their color and become dark brown or black. They are not heavy bodied monitors and somewhat slender similar to other tree dwelling lizards.


Lighting : UVA & UVB

Basking Spot : 110 – 130 Degrees

Gradient Temperature : 80-90 Degrees

Night Temperatures : As low as 70 Degrees can be tolerated.

Humidity : Medium 70 – 80%

Water : Large water bowl needed for soaking.

Care Level : Beginner

Lifespan : 15+ Years