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Choose the options below to get a cost for your custom ZOOTOU event…..

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns or if you are a Nonprofit Organization needing Special Pricing! References available upon request.

These prices are estimates and need to be confirmed after we discuss your special event details. Once the details are clear we will send you an invoice tailored to your event. A 30% Non Refundable Deposit must be made in order to secure a specific day and time for your Exotic Animal Encounter. Your family, friends, students, employees and/or members will be amazed by the incredible assortment of exotic animals we will bring! We are committed to making your event extra special and forever remembered!
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  • Explanation Of Process & Costs

    For those of you who question our pricing for a customized ZOOTOU INTERACTION, we’d like to explain what is involved and makes possible such a unique experience.

    Our exotic animals are all rare and/or costly with a huge upkeep expense. Each exotic animal has its own specific needs regarding diet, heat, lighting, humidity and enclosure. We need to maintain these requirements in order to maintain our animals in tip top condition. Some lizards need temperatures of up to one hundred and forty degrees which require special UVA and UVB lighting. A single light bulb could cost about $25 and last for maximum six months. The desert varieties may require three bulbs just for one enclosure.

    Diet varies as well and we need to house a variety of insects, meats, rodents, fresh vegetables and seed. Most of the animals eats daily so you can only imagine the cost associated with just the feeding and maintenance of our exotics. Also, a very experienced handler is needed to make the presentation

    To make your event special we prepare days before but on your event day we spend two ours before bathing each animal and packing it safely for transport to your event. This process can take two to three hours depending on your choices of which exotics you want us to present at your event. In addition to this we have travel time back and forth as well as pack and restocking which also takes time. We do not charge for travel time unless it exceeds fifteen miles from the Boyton Beach area.

    Our main goal is to make your event special and we are available to discuss and customize your interaction to meet your expectations. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


    PRINT, SIGN & RETURN BY EMAIL TO info@zootou.com

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