"Mojito" Marmoset Monkey

“Mojito” Our Common Marmoset Monkey (Callithrix Jacchus)

Mojito is about twelve years old and has always enjoyed to be around people. He is very friendly, entertaining and has never shown any aggression. Marmosets do not like to be held and prefer (while on a leash) to jump from shoulder to shoulder, especially if offered a blueberry or other fruit.

“Common Marmosets” are a part of the primate family and are known to be of the smallest species of Monkey. They are known for their white tufted ears. Primates are divided into two groups, the New World Monkeys and the Old World Monkeys (Apes).

Most marmoset monkeys grow to be only eight inches tall, not including their tails (which can be a foot or longer) and weigh about 8-9 oz. They have claws instead of nails, lack wisdom teeth and primitive brain layout compared to an Ape. Marmosets are native to South America (Brazil, the largest country in South America) but have also been encountered in Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. They are very active and live in tree tops where they find their main source of food, insects (grass hoppers and crickets), tree sap and fruit. Flowers, nectar, fungi, spiders, and the occasional small lizard, tree frog, or birds egg complete the common marmoset’s diet.

Marmosets can usually be found in family groups of three to as many as fifteen. And it’s not just Mom who takes care of the babies, other adult males, females and older offspring share this responsibility. Marmosets are active during daylight hours (Diurnal) and are considered arboreal monkeys since they live in trees off the ground.

Marmosets are early risers and are ready for a new days adventure usually about thirty minutes after the sun rises. They spend the day eating, resting and socializing (not necessarily in that order) but are sure to return to their dwelling areas one hour before sunset and they sleep in groups to feel more safe from predators.