"jasper" egyptian uromasty

“Jasper” Our Adult Egyptian Uromastyx (Uromastyx Aegyptia)

Jasper is about eight years old and comes from the Middle East where the climate is very hot and dry, most specifically from Egypt. Sadly, the Egyptian Spiny Tailed Lizard has over the last two decades, been decreasing in numbers due to habitat loss. These Uromastyx can grow to thirty inches long and are herbivores, meaning their diet consists mostly of vegetation, flowers and occasional fruit.

This species of lizard tends to make their homes in shrubland and desert habitats within open flat areas where the ground soil allows for digging as they love to make long underground tunnels. They spend most of their day below ground to avoid the hot dessert sun. They live in groups in a colony where females are in charge. Eqyptian Uromastyx over time have made a mutualistic relationship with Fat-tail Scorpians. They allow the scorpions to use their tunnels and burrows and in return the scorpions offer protection against predators.


Lighting : UVA & UVB

Basking Spot : 120 – 140 Degrees

Gradient Temperature : 80-90 Degrees

Night Temperatures : As low as 65 Degrees can be tolerated.

Humidity : Low 30%

Water : Large water bowl not needed.

Other : Occasional soaking of body (not the tail) is suggested

Care Level : Medium

Lifespan : 15-30 Years