"Checkers" Blue Tongue Skink

“Checkers” Northern Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua Scincoides Intermedia)

Northern Blue Tongue Skinks like “Checkers” are found mostly in the Australian grasslands and are one of the most common on the blue tongue skink species. They are also found in New Guinea and Indonesia. This entertaining skink can grow up to two feet and is known for its bright blue tongue and small legs and feet. Some people believe that the unique blue tongue to be a deterrent to predators.

Blue Tongue Skinks are considered Omnivores and their diet consists of about fifty percent greens and the balance consist of insects and fruit. Although this species is large and requires a minimum of a four foot enclosure, most are friendly and docile lizards making a great pet. Being terrestrial, their slithering bodies were designed to move quickly and effectively along the ground. High quality grain free cat (babies and juveniles) and dog food (for adults over one year) as a staple diet has proven successful for many breeders and keepers. Vegetation and insects should also be given weekly.


Lighting: UVA & UVB

Basking Spot : 95 – 100 Degrees

Gradient Temperature : 70 – 100 Degrees

Night Temperatures : As low as 70 Degrees can be tolerated.

Humidity : Medium 40-50%

Water : Large water bowl

Care Level : Beginner

Lifespan : 20 Years