"Bolt" Ackies Monitor

“Bolt” Adult Red Ackies Monitor (Varanus Acanthurus)

Ackie monitors (also known as Ridge-tailed Monitors and Dwarf Monitor) like Bolt are found in Australia where they share habitat with other interesting animals like kangaroos, camels and a wide variety of other monitor lizards. They prefer hot yet dry habitats with lots of rocks and grass for shelter. Ackie monitors have been around for thousands of years dating back to the eighteen hundreds! Ackie monitors make excellent pets as they are not aggressive, enjoy interaction and usually do not exceed fourteen to eighteen inches with half of their length being their spiny tail; hence their nickname…. Spiny-tailed Monitor.

Ackie monitors are long and slender monitors with forked flicking tongues like a snake. Their bodies are somewhat rounded and have short skinny legs and can move quickly when they feel threatened. The body is typically red, brown or yellow with black creating an interesting circular pattern. These fascinating and hardy monitor lizards eat mostly insects, small eggs, raw turkey and occasional rodents. They require a thick layer of substrate and hiding spots on both the warm side and cool side of the enclosure.


Lighting : UVA & UVB

Basking Spot : 115 – 120 Degrees

Gradient Temperature : 80-90 Degrees

Night Temperatures : As low as 65 Degrees can be tolerated.

Humidity : Medium 50 – 65%

Water : Medium water bowl needed for soaking.

Care Level : Beginner

Lifespan : 15+ Years